From the beginning, our founders, Frank F. Mandal and James A. Cooper, had three simple principles of business that they pursued every time they performed a job.

First, do the job when you say you will.
Second, do the job to the very best of your ability.
Third, guarantee and stand behind the completed job.

These same principles hold true today.

"My late parents, James and Marion Cooper, taught me many things about life, but one of their beliefs come to mind daily, and that is "A man's reputation is only as good as his word and his actions." Each and every day I try to follow that belief.

Since 1946, and through three generations, Mandal's Inc. has built a legacy of EXPERIENCE, INTEGRITY, AND RELIABILITY. For all of us here at Mandal's, Inc., these words are the heart and soul of our business. By selecting Mandal's as your roofing and sheetmetal contractor, you will be guaranteed a life time of honest quality service, exceptional products along with an experienced and dedicated staff. You have my word on that!"
-Chris L. Cooper, President

For more than 70 years, dedication to quality has been Mandal's foundation for success. Mandal's Incorporated began as a partnership between the late Frank F. Mandal and the late James A. Cooper. Founded in 1946, the Gulfport, MS based contractor operated as Mandal's Roofing and Sheetmetal Works, until Mandal's death in 1963 when the firm was incorporated as Mandal's, Inc. Through seven decades of growth, the company has become one of the Gulf South's leading roofing contractors. Our rise to the top has come as no accident. Throughout our company's history, our commitment to quality and excellence has set us apart from all others. Our management staff and employees are dedicated to creating work that is more than just "good enough." Whether producing industrial or residential work, we strive for results that live up to the Mandal's name - a name that is synonymous with quality.

Frank F. Mandal

James A. Cooper

Any company can claim it has a "Commitment to Excellence," but Mandal's, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment through seventy years of client satisfaction. Mandal's has been the recipient of numerous awards, including four letters of commendation from the U.S. Navy, an honor bestowed upon few contractors. Our success is measures by the strength of our company which is workmanship and dedication to quality and service. Regardless of size, every job is completed adhering to these principles:

​1. The Job is Done Right the First Time
2. Work is Never Done with the Attitude "Good Enough"
3. Quality is Workmanship and Materials is Assured by an Uncompromising Quality Control Program
4. Responsibility for the Work is Accepted by US ALone by a Written Guarantee

These principles are best described by three words:

"Over the past fifty years, Roy Anderson Corporation has handled many construction projects with Mandal's, Inc. I can attest that their company prides itself on quality workmanship, timely completions, and ethical corporate standards. Roofing is very difficult and challenging discipline on our projects, and I strongly reccommend Mandal's on any project requiring the utmost professionalism in roofing construction. We will continue to associate with Mandal's
for many years to come."
-Roy Anderson III, Chairman/CEO Roy Anderson Corporation, Gulfport, MS