Sheetmetal Fabrication

Mandal's metalwork division specializes in metal fabrication for the construction, industrial, marine, airline, and food processing industries. We are an authorized fabricator under NRCA's listing for metal roof edge systems which meets ANSI/SPRI ES-I-2003 and SPRI RE-2 for high wind uplift design criteria. Using CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery for precision fabrication, this division boasts a wide range of capabilities:

Shear up to 1/4" Capacity | Precision Drilling & Tapping | Miscellaneous Welding | Electric/Heliarc Welding & Brazing

Although the sheetmetal division has the capability of handling all types of metal work, it has some particular specialities:

Architectural Metal Work | Kitchen Hoods | Food Processing Tables | Pans & Containers | Electrical Junction Boxes | Tool Boxes Motor Guards | Tanks of All Types | Steel Concrete Forms |  Truck & Trailer Bedliners | Hanging Devices & Brackets
Special Angles, Channels, & Frames | Heavy Duty Grills & Grates | Metal Flashing & Gutters | Custom Sheetmetal Flashing Specialty Gutters & Downspouts
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