“I am so pleased with my new roof. The quality of your work, from installation to cleaning, exceeded my expectations. Thank you.”

“I wanted to thank you for the excellent workmanship on our chimney. It is a great feeling to know that we no longer have a leaking problem every time it rains. I can’t thank you enough (and everyone involved at Mandal’s) for a job very well done, and I felt you had to know that!”
–Dr. Paul

“I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your dedication to quality workmanship on all your present and past projects at Memorial Hospital. Your company’s dedication to getting the Hospital back in shape after Hurricane Katrina was remarkable. Mandal’s has always been there for us and comes highly recommended by our consultants, engineers, and architects. A company like yours is an asset to the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast. We wish to thank you and your dedicated employees for the quality workmanship and dedication bestowed upon our facility.”

“I wanted to thank you and your employees for the outstanding job you did returning our roof to its Pre-Katrina condition. We were in a rush to get it repaired after the storm, and you came to the rescue. Our roof is now in our Pre-Katrina condition thanks to you and your team. I feel this effort was way beyond the call of duty. It is very hard to find companies that are as dedicated to their customers as you are at Mandal’s, Inc. I commend you and your employees on your work and your dedication to customer satisfaction.”

“Mandal’s, Inc. is a roofer of distinction with reliability. After Hurricane Katrina, Mandal’s response and their ability to perform under difficult circumstances are typical of the manner they have previously serviced the Hospital in the past. Mandal’s, Inc. quality of work has been and continues to be excellent.

Chris Cooper, president of Mandal’s, Inc., is one of a select few Registered Roofing Consultants nationwide with the Roofing Consultants Institute. He brings with him the knowledge, expertise and the experience that is required to provide the best and highest quality roofing to a critical facility.

Mandal’s, Inc., under Chris Cooper’s leadership, has performed exceptionally in a timely manner and within budget on all of his projects. We recommend him for a Merit Award without hesitation.”
-Mr. H. V. Nagendra AIA, NCARB

“Your crew did an excellent job. Everyone who had any contact with during the week had nothing but praise for their work performance. Thanks again.”

“It was very enjoyable to work with your sheet metal crews in the field. The field mechanics in your employ were both knowledgeable and cooperative. Their attention to quality and details was refreshing change. Whenever a question arose concerning a detail, they were quick to request clarification and offer constructive opinions.

The quality of work and attention to housekeeping during the process of the project was admirable. I would recommend you to architects and owners for future work where there is a concern for quality workmanship and attention to detail. I hope to be able to work with your company on more projects in the future.”

“There were three distinct blessings about our home following Hurricane Katrina: finding it salvageable, moving it to its new foundation, and Mandal’s wonderful installation of the Camelot roof! Once again, you’ve exceeded our expectations: in just under three days, the house, garage, guest house, and boat house were completed, and the property was fully clean! Amazing! It is so rewarding to find a business that is trustworthy, dependable, consistently delivers quality, and takes personal care and interest in a project. We’ve experienced these values and this customer service over the years in your and all the Mandal’s staff, and you’ve once again delivered. We deeply appreciate your guidance and service in our recovery. Thank you.”
-Kit and Jane

“Mandal’s, Inc. performed flawlessly in protecting the interior and exterior of the church along with the landscaping. Their personnel were trustworthy, flexible, and accommodating. In addition, the concept of a contractor, subcontractor and owner working together as a team to achieve a common goal, was amply displayed during the execution of this high interest project.
We confidently recommend Mandal’s, Inc. as one of the top roofing professionals in the industry today.”
-Rev. Dobrivoje

“I did like two things very much. First, your excitement about the project and your deep respect of the craft and the idea. Second, your comment about our roof, that it was in your opinion not the right thing to do in this region.

I was very happy when you told me that you would replace the roof and do it in the right way. To do something in the right way is, for me, something very existential and basic in both life and work. Your ideas truly reflect in your work. I was really impressed not only about the very professional and efficient workflow but also your foremen who are controlling each detail and making sure that everything is clean. They wanted to do it the right way. When your firm left the site, there was nothing left besides your great work.

I cannot thank you and your firm enough for what you have done for us. But, what I can do is give you a compliment to what you have accomplished. To do something right seems to be a basic element in your idea about life, and it is definitely reflected as well in your company as you make sure that it is well executed. You can be very proud with what you have accomplished within your firm.”

“Mandal’s professional competence resulted in high quality end product that met or exceeded all contract requirements for the above referenced project. Mandal’s outstanding professional workmanship, attention to detail, and systematic approach to the project has contributed greatly to both the integrity of the new roof system and sheet metal work as well as the overall aesthetics of the Church. Mandal’s well organized company took extreme caution in the safety and security of the parishioners, buildings, and grounds. A company like Mandal’s, Inc. is an asset to the industry.”

“I just wanted to tell you what a fine job your people here did for us. Not only did they do a fantastic job on a very trying set on circumstances, but they did it in well under the time that they were given. All cases of contract with any of the work crew here were met with courteous responses. …There was no stress, and I was confident that the work would be done properly. Thanks again for the fine work.”

“I have had the privilege to work with Mandal’s, Inc. during the restoration of a large aircraft hangar. Mandal’s went above and beyond the normal requirements of the plans, specifications, and workmanship. Their staff was able to assist me with technical details and assist me with determining in the field how to replace a roofing system that was originally designed and built in 1944.

Mandal’s involvement with this project has without a doubt, made this one of the best roofing projects that I have ever been involved with in my thirty-plus years practicing architecture. If I had my way, I would without hesitation single source the company for any and ALL my roof work.”